Who am I?

My name is Rikke Fjordbak Ravn. I am 42 years old and live in Denmark. I am married to Palle and we have three boys, Johannes aged 13 and twins Gabriel and Emmanuel aged 10.


How it began

When I was 9 years old I began researching my family. Yes, you read correctly - 9 years old.


My mom pointed at the photo of my great-grandmother Sørine on the wall and said that she was a mother of 12, and then she pointed at Sørine's husband's photo and said that he was a father of 13.


That sparked my curiosity and I started interviewing familymembers and writing down who were in the old photos. All the photos you see on this page are of my family.


A life long passion for history was born!


Freelance and teaching

In January 2015 I started doing genealogy as a freelancer, and I have completed various jobs ranging from findings for at familiy history book, origin of surname and finding descendants for court in a question of heritage.


In October 2015 I held a course in genealogy for an education association, the students were all adults.



Since 1999 I have transcribed censuses and church records for the Danish Archives (ddd.dda.dk), Danishfamilysearch.dk and for familysearch.org. It has given me a valuable experience in reading the old letters.

On my own hand I have made a website about a small parish we used to live in - www.fousing.dk and I am currently working on a similar project for where we live now.



So, why do I do this? Behind every name that I either transcribe, index or find for research, there is a history. There is a person that has loved, lived and laughed, that has experienced hard times, sorrows and defeats. I want to uncover their story and make it known. And for every person that I transcribe or index, I might be writing the name of a piece of someone's puzzle.

The local history projects I do to gain knowledge about the area I live in, the area where my children are growing up.

That's why I do this - may I help you uncover your history?